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Social media could be so much more


Tue May 6, 2014

Are Carnival bands, artistes or DJs taking full advantage of social media?

We live in a world that is all but conquered by social media. Friends connect, school friends reconnect and businesses engage. So shouldn’t carnival bands, disc jockeys (DJs), as well as artistes use it as a tool?{{more}}

Within SVG, more mas bands have begun using it often for advertising, i.e. posting photos of costumes, but social media can be more than just a tool for information. On the other hand, not many artistes or DJs have fully embraced what it can do for them. The fact is, it can be used to connect with fans, build anticipation and generate revenue in new and unique ways. Fans age, so how are you as an artiste or DJ reaching new fan bases online through social media channels?

Believe it or not, there’s a connection between artistes/DJs and fans and between masqueraders and carnival bands. However, whilst masqueraders can be loyal to their mas bands, the fact is their economic situation can vary, which can affect them making a decision to ‘play mas’. So what does your mas band have in place to attract new masqueraders?

Here are some social media considerations to bear in mind as you get ready to embrace Vincy Mas 2014:

Videos, Videos and More Videos

When video content is posted, social media activity shoots through the roof, e.g. video footage of your mas band on the ‘big stage’ or even the mas band on the road. Why? Because to encourage further participation, you must also bring on that nostalgic feeling, remind persons of how much fun they had the last time they played with your band and show others how much fun they can have when they do.

You’re more likely to see clicks if people don’t have to read anything; instead they can kick back and enjoy your video. It will also give them a window into the “behind the scenes,” which is really exciting to a fan who’s only familiar with you through your stage presence or as a DJ through your music in the clubs and other venues. As an added bonus, you can spread a video across all of your social media platforms. Post your video to YouTube, embed it on Facebook and then tweet a link. Now you’re engaging on all channels. Have you considered the value of LIVE streaming?


This is the easiest way to add social media to your marketing arsenal. For example, you are an upcoming artiste, you’ve paid the studio, recorded your songs and perhaps thinking of a compilation. But what about the fans who have liked you on Facebook since day one? Or followed you on Twitter and Instagram? A contest is a way to give something back to them.

Use a contest to get your music in front of persons. You can also get the attention of persons who might not have won this contest, but want to win in the future. You can ask for retweets on Twitter, e.g. promise the sixth person to retweet something and offer a worthwhile prize and watch your Twitter handle get amplified to all of that person’s followers!


This is by far the most valuable means for using social media. Like businesses, you can use Facebook to post information, run competitions and advertise launches; however, your page should be used as a forum to connect directly with your fans.

People like your page because they like your music, your costumes, your J’Ouvert/T-shirt band package/experience or they think you are a skilled DJ, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interact with them on a personal level. If you make them laugh or show them some content they connect with (whether it’s your music or not), then they’re much more likely to come back to see what else you have to say.

Key points

-Your personal Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page is just that – personal. If you consider yourself to be a professional, create a professional page for your mas band, J’Ouvert or T-shirt band; same applies if you are a DJ or artiste. You, as an artiste or a DJ or your mas/J’Ouvert/T-shirt band, are a BRAND. It’s a business – you’re in the entertainment business. Nurture and develop your brand, decide what your brand will stand for and have a clear strategy, otherwise you are just building costumes or having a J’Ouvert/T-shirt band each year, producing music or playing at clubs with no clear direction or future plans for your brand in the entertainment industry.

-Social media is not just limited to Facebook. Embrace all channels and develop a strategy for each.

– ‘We have our masqueraders or persons that play with our mas band, J’Ouvert band or T-shirt band’ doesn’t work anymore. Persons have many choices

– People don’t always want to be sold to. Make your social media posts relatable and friendly as well.

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