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Fake breakthrough


Fri May 2, 2014

Editor: Please grant me a space in your newspaper. There is a burning issue that has been confronting me for a few weeks now. It has to do with the charging of Collin David for the robbery of over $100,000 and the shooting of a police officer. One has to wonder if the police officers in St Vincent and the Grenadines are capable of investigating and solving crime in the country of ours.{{more}}

Mind you, I’m not bashing them, because there are some who are very honest and God- fearing and others who need investigating. I cannot understand how they can boldly charge someone who, so many persons know, was nowhere in St Vincent and the Grenadines. That young man left these shores on the morning of June 5th and has always been in contact with us ever since. I am wondering why they are misleading the public with their breakthrough story. When the perpetrator(s) is/are out there laughing at them. The investigators need to get up and do their jobs. How can we as citizens have confidence in them? We are very sorry for what happened to the officer in question and would like to see the true perpetrator(s) brought to justice, but it is wrong to lie on innocent people just to say they made a breakthrough and to get somebody to charge. Officers, go and find the real perpetrator(s).

A very concerned citizen