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100 years of Girl Guiding in SVG


Fri Apr 25, 2013

EDITOR: The Girl Guides in St Vincent and the Grenadines are celebrating 100 years of Girl Guiding in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Congratulations to them and all who are making sure that this milestone does not go unnoticed. All Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers are indebted to this service organization for the superb training and character building activities which serve as a preparation for life.{{more}}

In the Calliaqua area, many adults of today remember fondly their days as Girl Guides under the leadership of Edna Walker Dougan and Louise Jack and Rangers under the leadership of Eileen Walker Radix and Verdine Cato. Here leadership skills, good morals and survival skills were inculcated. Consequently, no matter where in the world these former Girl Guides and Rangers have found themselves, they have been able to participate fully in the development of many nations.

My own mother, Eloise Walker Phills, of blessed memory, recalled fondly her own days as a Girl Guide under the leadership of Noreen Beach and my aunt Beryl Walker Stephens was a former Girl Guide leader and member of the National Girl Guide Council years for many years.

The Calliaqua Troops would occasionally be visited by Girl Guide leaders from Kingstown, such as Irma Norris or Pauline Sandy. It was my greatest joy when I received a Girl Guide calendar (diary) as a present from the Island Commissioner Jennie Jacobs. I kept it for many years, as it had a great deal of useful information about Guiding and I felt it was an honour to be given such a gift by Ms Jacobs. We later fondly referred to her as Auntie Jennie.

Some of us were fortunate to meet World Chief Guide Lady Baden-Powell when she visited St Vincent in 1964. We also remember the visit of HRH Princess Royal to these shores in 1960. We thank them all and the organization for upholding the past and projecting a positive future. Good job!

Cheryl Phills King.