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Prostitution generates big money


It is often said that prostitution is “the world’s oldest profession,” though many feminists frown at such stigmatizing of women. What is undisputed, however, is that it certainly generates a lot of money worldwide. So big is it, in fact, that countries are now ranked globally according to estimated earnings from prostitution.{{more}}

According to those estimates, global revenue from prostitution is estimated at US$4,186 billion, with there being almost 14 million prostitutes around the world. China, with an estimated five million prostitutes, rakes in US$ 73 billion from prostitution earnings, top of the list. Spain comes a distant second with US$26.5 billion, followed by Japan US$24 billion, Germany (where prostitution is legal), US$18 billion and the USA, US$14.6 billion.

A Caribbean nation, Jamaica, finds itself on this none-too-honourable list, being ranked 25th worldwide from earnings estimated to be US$58 million. Ukraine, currently in the news for other, unrelated reasons, makes the list of top-10 earners with US$1.5 billion, US$500 million more than the United Kingdom.

Even more worrying is the fact of child prostitution, including poor parents sinking to the depths of selling their daughters’ virginity for money. Child prostitution is particularly rife in Asia and countries like Brazil, including the odious practice of trafficking of children.

What a depressing and reprehensible SIGN OF THE TIMES!