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Ralph E. Gonsalves International Airport


Fri Apr 11, 2013

EDITOR: The Argyle international airport is progressing at a reasonably fast rate, to the satisfaction of many ardent patriots who are awaiting its completion sooner or later.{{more}}

An undertaking of a capital project of this nature is hitherto unknown to previous administrations; perhaps the idea of an international airport was conceived by former Prime Ministers.

The present ULP administration, under the able leadership of Dr Ralph Gonsalves, has demonstrated the ability to do more and talk less. Having an international airport will undoubtedly bring St Vincent and the Grenadines abreast with international standards with regard to trade and marketing possibilities.

In any social and economic planning, a government has to make provisions for long-term benefits. In the case of the Argyle international airport, easier access to regional and international destinations will be guaranteed by faster and quicker air travel, especially in cases of medical emergency, a last visit to an ailing relative in another country whose chances of survival may be getting progressively slimmer. But most importantly, an international airport will facilitate international trade in goods and services and enhance better communication among businesses in the international community.

In conclusion, Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ name should be etched at the airport when it is completed. Fittingly, it should be named the Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves International Airport. The fact that the idea had its gestation in his mind; his pursuit of this important capital project which has long-term social and economic benefits; his belief in his dream of bringing an international airport to St Vincent; his faith in getting assistance from all and sundry as a result of the new foreign policy he has fashioned; and above all, his visionary leadership are the criteria for renaming the airport after its completion:

“RALPH E. Gonsalves International Airport.”

Patmos Richards