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Employees must be loyal


Fri Apr 11, 2013

Editor: Previously, I would have written about the employer’s responsibility in ensuring that the workplace has a healthy environment to create a good atmosphere so as to encourage and motivate the workers.{{more}}

However, the workers have responsibilities not only to the customers, but also to their employers. According to Romans 13: 1, every soul must be subject to higher powers. Thus, every worker must be loyal to his/her employer. Workers must show respect and be obedient. Far too many workers are bent on being disloyal and disrespectful to their employers or superiors.

The communication between worker and supervisors/managers must be strengthened. So that, if a worker cannot make it to work due to illness, then the common courtesy by the worker of calling and informing with a valid reason must be done and also in a reasonable time, and not at the last moment; when this is done it indeed shows a lack of respect.

Interestingly, in many companies, departments, firms etc, there is a problem where many workers are simply not loyal to the job. Sometimes there are too many persons calling in sick, or some simply coming to work late. Also there is the case where they simply perform lazily on the job, by wasting time or are involved in other things while at work besides their jobs.

In Matthew 22:21, we are told to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” It is therefore important that workers give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. No worker should rob his/her employer of time to do his/her personal business, unless he/she is given permission to do so. We know some jobs have privileges which can afford them the opportunity to do other things that may not be necessarily job related. However, employees must never seek to rob their employers of their time.

The workers also have a responsibility to be obedient to the call of duty. They must also show respect to the customers and people they serve. Being polite to customers and other persons in the workplace, including their superiors, is of paramount importance. Issues would arise in the workplace, but there must be good sense and communication prevailing where the employer and the worker can sit and deal with the problem in an amicable way. Being disrespectful by the worker should never be tolerated, even when the worker feels that he or she is wrongfully dealt with. Also, in such a case, there must be compromise and politeness exhibited by employer/supervisor or manager and worker.

I trust that these few pointers would help enhance the workplace and strengthen the working environment where there would be greater productivity shown by workers.

Kennard King