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Is the public display of

Is the public display of


Tue Apr 8, 2013

Ronessa John – To an extent it is. I honestly have no problem to see others show affection to each other, whether by just giving a hug or a little peck, but where it comes to this jamming-up thing, blocking up the place where I want to pass or when they are sticking their tongues in each other’s throat; not only is it a distraction, but it makes for an uncomfortable situation for me and I am sure many others too.{{more}}

In school, that’s not what you’re here for, nor did your parents send you to school for that, and this is why some children are caught doing things in school; it leads to more intimate exchanges such as sex…. Seriously get a room… there are just some things that should be done in private.

Jodisha Ross – It is a distraction seeing other students display how they feel towards each other at school in front of other students, because I come to school every day to learn, and not to see people loving up, kissing, cuddling and warming up to each other.

Vanessa Harry – Public display of affection between students can cause a great deal of distraction to others, because it is not a norm in the society in which we live, although it seems that way. There are students who would feel very uncomfortable because they have never been exposed to such intimate behaviour and being exposed to something like that can cause a great deal of mental disturbance.

On the other hand, there would be students who are easily influenced; they would want to act and behave the same way, which is unacceptable in a formal setting such as a school. As old people say, they would want to “follow the crowd.”

Devonte Roberts – I don’t think that it is distracting to students. Public display of affection can include anything from high-fives and holding hands to prolonged kissing and inappropriate touching. Some individuals, school administrators, parents and students feel that such things can be distracting to students… and could lead to sexual activities.

On the other hand, this could lead to accusations of sexual harassment between students as well.