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Are we opening the door for demonic possession?


Fri Apr 4, 2013

Editor: In last weekend’s issue of The News newspaper, mention was made of a school that seemingly had some demonic activities present there. As a Christian nation, this is cause for concern.{{more}}

It is believed that iniquity is a practice in this country, hence one of the reasons for demon possession. However, the question can be asked: “Are we, as a people, opening the door for demonic possession?” A careful examination would reveal that we have, as a nation, opened the door to demonic activities and as such, give rise to demonic possession.

For the sake of space and time, I would only mention just a few. Many parents have allowed what is called a “guard” around their children when they are small. These guards are in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces and chains – just to name a few. Spirits are placed with these ornaments. These spirits, they claim, are guards. Thus, when these things are allowed, spirits that are satanic are allowed in the lives of the children. These children would one day reap the consequence of such so-called protection. It would affect the child negatively. No wonder we have so many crimes in our nation.

Some of the cartoons and rock music are satanic, where the directors, playwrights, actors and singers dedicate their movies, performances and songs to Satan. Sadly, but true, many parents are fascinated by these movies and songs and allow their children to watch them. The Harry Potter movies are a prime example. So, allowing the children to watch these movies and listen to these songs are allowing satanic spirits to take control of our homes.

Many parents get involved in iniquity to save their children from prison sentences when they are charged with a crime. The cycle would continue as the victim’s relatives would also get involved in some cases in iniquity, so as to take revenge. So, when these things are done, the cycle would continue and so the evil spirits would invade the homes of people. As a result, sometimes many children continue in a life of crime, as though it is something they cherish.

More can be said of how the demons can invade homes and lives. However, I would end by giving some encouragement as to this issue. It is important that we realize that Jesus Christ, and not man, can deliver anyone from this darkness. We have to put our trust in Him and ask Him to do so. I know the Lord still heals and delivers, but we need to let God be God. We need to put Christ into our lives. We need, as a people, to put away from amongst us the evil practices and the Lord is sufficient to protect and deliver.

Let us, as a nation, put Christ into our homes, lives and everyday living. When we resist the devil, he will flee from us (James 4:8) and also let us pray, using the whole armour of God. (Ephesians 6: 11). Prayer can change things. Let us turn to God and not the Satan. God bless.

Kennard King