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A serious message for parents and guardians!


Fri Apr 4, 2013

EDITOR: A car pulls up at school. A man comes out and goes to your child at about 3 p.m. He says: “Your Mom says I must pick you up, as she is not able to come at this time.”{{more}} You didn’t ever give anyone permission to pick up your child. What would you hope your child does? Your heart would be ripped to pieces if you were to hear that your child entered into the man’s car!

As a safety measure, I wish to ask all parents to sit with your child/children and create a password that must NEVER be told to anyone else. If someone, even some relative, comes to school or elsewhere to pick up the child/children, that person must first state the password to the child that the parent/guardian tells him or her before the child/children can go with him/her. If he/she cannot give the right password, run away quickly and tell your teacher or person looking after you. Further, parents/guardians can change the password regularly. It would be a good idea for parents/guardians to call the school or elsewhere to let those caring for your child/children know you have sent someone to pick up the child.

Also, keep reminding your kids not to accept rides, sweets, or gifts from strangers. We live in serious times. Parents, guardians, look after your children with extreme care.

Serious Times