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Media outlets and their influence


Fri Mar 28, 2013

Editor: The media plays a very vital role in any society, including our own SVG. When we look at the many media outlets here, we realize how much influence they are having on the minds of persons.{{more}}

The social media, like Facebook, has become a very popular tool for mischief and false information by many. However, it has also been a positive tool for positive and good information.

The radio stations, of which there are so many in this country, have also been a tool of influence, both positive and negative. Likewise the newspapers have done the same. Of concern, however, is the lack of professionalism and untruths that come out from some media houses.

Let me take this opportunity to express congratulations to Taranjaw Yaw, a journalist who writes in the Searchlight newspaper, for his wonderful journalist writing in the midweek of March 18th. His work was well researched and investigated and of course it brought results. He, indeed, showed good journalist work.

Far too often many journalists simply copy and paste items they read online or hear on television or a radio station. Many do not do their own research to investigate the full story. Thus, many readers are fed up with incorrect information and thus formulate the wrong conclusion. Even many talk show hosts simply are not willing to gather their own information and are unwilling to let truth be their guide. They would hear of something and, without investigating, quickly run with it. No wonder some have been sued.

We often are fed by many with slander and hatred. The death of the late Glen Jackson has left a deep void in journalism and talk show hosts. For he was a person who presented the truth. He would go and seek out information to get the truth, even when he was a talk show host. We all know the result of his “Shake Up” programme in relation to politics and the change of Government.

I, therefore, call upon those in the media to be responsible and act maturely. Do not let your emotions take control over the truth. In the print media, always do your own investigation and present the facts, not your opinion or how you would like the readers to think or conclude. For, when there are professional journalists and media personel on radio and in the print media, we would be able to lift the standard of our consciousness to truth and appreciation for things positive.

Thank you.

Kennard King