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Has ULP given up on Kingstown seats?


Tue Mar 25, 2013

Editor: Has ULP given up on the Kingstown seat? I hope I am wrong, for in elections nothing should be considered impossible.{{more}}

However, I am of the view that if the ULP work hard with the right candidates they can claim the Kingstown seats. I do agree it is very difficult to win from the NDP, but not impossible.

If the ULP are serious about retaking the Kingstown seats and return those to ULP fold again then more efforts must be made in Kingstown and also early selection of candidates and the right candidates must be put in place.

If I had my way in candidates’ selection I would have placed Camillo Gonsalves in West Kingstown, for I know he would be able to win Mr Daniel Cummings. The young Gonsalves is a good enough candidate to win in many constituencies.

But if the ULP has given up hope of winning the Kingstown seats, then naturally NDP would retain those seats comfortably. I am not making any predictions, but I know it is possible for the ULP to win 14 seats which would include the Southern Grenadines.

As a ULP supporter, I would love to see the ULP winning 14 seats. However, some may say I am not realistic and that I am living in a dream world. But I am confident that nothing is impossible. Similarly so, the NDP can win handsomely in the next general elections if the ULP take things for granted and not do their work effectively.

So, let us not give up hope on winning in the Kingstown seats; for certainly once the ULP organizes and does its work properly it can surely win very handsomely in the next general elections.