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Workers in the workplace


Fri Mar 21, 2014

Editor: We have grown accustomed in this country to lacklustre performance by workers in the workplace. This practice seems to be an accepted norm for most businesses, firms and even ministries.

Thankfully, in most of the ministries, with the exception of a few, the workers seem to be professional and performing. However, there are still some workers who are not performing as they should. This is understandable, since there would always be some “bad eggs” in every workplace.{{more}}

There are some things the employer must put in place so as to improve the performance of workers in the workplace. It is important that the workers feel comfortable in the workplace in order to perform effectively.

There are other things I would like to mention that would make them feel comfortable and they are: good working relationships between the employer and the employee; equality amongst the workers; respect and love shown to each worker by the superiors.

The working environment must be healthy in the sense that there is trustworthiness and not comess and mischief. The superiors must seek to reward workers for good performance and must seek to compliment them when they do well. In a healthy environment the workers feel part of the organization and so will work faithfully and be loyal to the superiors.

Far too often many workers have complaints and would air their views at a staff meeting, only to be ignored by the bosses or seen as troublesome. When this occur those workers would feel like they are not important and so simply do their jobs according to the books and not willing to go the extra mile.

Injustice in any form must not be condoned in the workplace. It sure would be nice to give good benefits to workers, like insurance and a good pay. It would be even more admirable if they are also given incentives for work and paid according to performance. A good bonus would also add to the workers commitment and loyalty to the workplace.

Of course there is more that can be said. In most cases, workers’ who feel comfortable in the workplace and love the work are much more dedicated to the task ahead. When they feel part of the organization, the businessplace will naturally get the best from them. Having said that, there are those who despite all that is done to make them comfortable, would still not perform. These who underperform despite all the incentives and benefits do not deserve to be working in such an environment that is healthy.

Leadership or managerial skills are not to be bossy, but rather lead in a loving, understanding way. The manager must not be seen as a dictator, but someone who leads in an honest, trustworthy manner and with wisdom and love. It is also very importance that the workload be shared amongst the workers and not some doing more than others for the same pay. Let us also not forget as managers, supervisors and leaders, that fairness be given to the workers.

Thank you and let us have an improved working environment. For when workers are unhappy they would underperform and a complaining worker would never give of his/her service.

Kennard King