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Carlos James for North Leeward


Tue Mar 18, 2013

Editor: If ULP is serious about recapturing the North Leeward seat in the next general elections, then Carlos James must be the candidate. For, if Dr Jerrol Thompson should be the candidate again, then it is very certain that Hon. Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews would win handsomely again, despite what is said about him.{{more}}

It is a known fact that Dr Jerrol Thompson is amongst some of the most brilliant persons in the ULP fold. Dr Thompson has done his part in the development of North Leeward. It is clear he meant well and contributed in many ways to the development of the constituency. However, despite his good intentions and hard work, the people lost confidence in him as a representative. He was without doubt a very good minister, but was not able to satisfy his constituents. As a result, he lost his seat in 2010.

In the 2005 general elections Dr Thompson barely won his seat. He won by a meager 24 votes. The electorate sent a strong message to him. So, it was predictable that he would have lost in 2010.

A careful analysis of Dr Thompson’s political career would reveal that it is clear that it is over as far as representing North Leeward. The current representative won easily, because like in 2005, many ULP supporters stayed home and did not vote. Some voted for him, not because of him, but because of the progress of the party and Dr Ralph Gonsalves. If, on the other hand, those ULP supporters who stayed at home had gone and voted then Dr Thompson would have retained his seat.

It therefore shows that many of the ULP supporters have lost confidence in him as their representative. It means that for him to recapture North Leeward seat he would have to regain the confidence of the many supporters who chose to stay at home.

Dr Thompson is a nice, gentle man, and deserves to be respected and appreciated for his contributions, but right now he is playing ‘catching up’.

So for ULP to really recapture North Leeward seat they must listen and follow the voices of the majority of ULP supporters who have indicated their preference for CARLOS JAMES instead of Dr Thompson. A good actor must know when to leave the stage. I think Dr Thompson by now should realize that the people want another candidate. He must realize that it is time for him to hand in the towel and throw his weight behind CARLOS JAMES.

I know there are many ULP supporters who are loyal to the Doc for personal reasons. However, the good of the constituency and the country must take precedence over personal likes and favours. After all, winning the seat is very important. So, I called upon all ULP supporters to put aside personal feelings and see the bigger picture. For I am certain that as ULP supporters we all would like to regain North Leeward seat. So, let us rally our support for CARLOS JAMES.