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Write and publish your history


Thur Mar 13, 2013

Editor: Mrs Aldia Gumbs-Dyer, senior education officer in the Ministry of Education, has been encouraging students to write and publish. This is certainly admirable and I hope that her plea becomes a reality.{{more}}

I would also like to encourage more of the population, in general, to write and publish. It is so important for a nation to document and preserve that which takes place in its own society. History is important. How wonderful to listen to young students make presentations and quote local writers as well as other writers, as their primary sources.

The leaders, intellectuals, and others of Vincentian heritage are setting a good example by writing articles that have been published in books and or writing books that have been published. Printing began in Kingstown, St Vincent, since 1767, as evidenced by Gregory Frohnsdorff who has identified 256 items known to have been printed between 1767 and 1834.

The indigenous intellectual tradition has been growing over the years. The legacy of continuity from one generation to the next will be attained and maintained if writing and publishing are made a priority.

Happy National Heroes Day !!!

Cheryl Phills King.