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Historical Notes St Vincent and the Grenadines


Man Drunk on Wedding Day Marries the Wrong Woman ( The Vincentian, March 26,1949)

“It has points in common with the story in the Book of Genesis about the way Jacob worked seven years to win Laban’s younger daughter, Rachel – only to have palmed off on him the elder less attractive, Leah.{{more}}

Jacob, the second, called on the girl, was pleased with her and the wedding day was fixed. When the bridegroom called at the house he was told that the bride was dressing and was offered a drink to pass the time. Drink followed drink. He knew nothing more till he woke next morning to find in his house a fat elderly woman with one eye and a limp. She turned out to be the other girl’s sister.

When the young man went to the -in-law’s house, he was met by his urbane and smiling chief who explained that the family was only complying with the custom which decrees that elder sisters should marry first. ‘You are a lucky man’ he added much as no doubt Laban did to Jacob all three centuries ago.

‘Your wife is good natured and God-fearing while her sister is a flighty young thing who would have cost you a lot of money.’

And he appealed to his nobility of character. Jacob the first worked another seven years to win Rachel. Jacob the second, is suing his wife’s family.”

Tribute to James Lawrence (Puck) Cato by the Hon. St.Clair Bonadie (The Vincentian, March 12, 1949)

“I remember his white hat and enthusiasms outshining everything else in his life during the trying months that he worked untiringly on erecting the huge Workingmen’s Association building. ‘This must be our Base, Sinclair’ he said to me. ‘When we have this, the people have something to live in, to live by, to live for, and to further the great cause ahead.’

Jimmy Cato has lived for the short span of forty years with us. Ten of those years were concentrated on the political, social and economic upliftment of this colony. It is these ten years, coupled with a deep love for people and complete selflessness in the performance of any task committed to his care, which will always make his memory green to his friends, his relatives and his countrymen.”