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Good customer service needed in SVG


Thur Mar 13, 2013

Editor: We have been reading in recent times about poor customer services. It is indeed a known fact that many business places operate in the old way and so lack good customer service. However, we are living in modern and competitive times; thus there is need for good customer service.{{more}}

There are some businesses with good customer services. We know that for a business to survive, it is the customers who have to make it survive, since their sales are important. Thus, importantly, the workers must carry a smile and serve the customers with a smile. They must also serve the needs of the customers in a polite manner. Far too many workers are rude and impolite. At the same time, there are troublesome customers; however, the worker must never lose his or her cool when dealing with troublesome customers.

In rendering good customer service, it is important that each customer be treated equally and with respect. The last thing a customer wants to feel is neglected and ignored. At the time, the customer who needs attention might not be able to get it because the sales persons or workers are occupied. In this situation someone should let the customer know that someone would come to them shortly. When that is done, the customer would be feeling appreciated and important.

Far too often someone comes into a business place and the workers are occupied talking to another worker, or on the cell phone, or even in some ministries they are on the computer. That poor customer is left waiting for a long period. Therefore, at all times business must never be mixed with pleasure.

I hope to continue on another article to follow up on this one. However, in good customer service it is important to listen to the customer and ensure that you understand fully the complaints or wishes of that customer. Let us also not forget that in serving, considerations must be given to the time it takes to serve a customer. For instance, in many banks and other places, customers spend far too long to be served. Sometimes the tellers, cashiers or sales persons seem not to care how long it takes. They sometimes move slowly and deal with the customer at a pace that is slow, as though they are buying for time.

I, therefore, recommend that for us to improve on our customer service, we adhere to these points. These are by no means conclusive nor complete. More will be given at a later time and I am certain that many businesses that are doing well because of good customer service can identify with some of these pointers.

Kennard King