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Let us reflect on the long journey – from creation


Fri Oct 25, 2013

Editor: As we celebrate our 34th anniversary of independence from England, let us reflect on the long journey humanity came from — creation, primitive communalism, slavery, colonialism, Imperialism, Islamism, so called scientific socialism, apartheid, Marxism communism, capitalism. These are not in sequence, but let us not forget the four world ruling governments that were prophesied by Daniel (Dan 2) which revealed themselves in history. They are as follows: King Nebuchadnezzar and his Chaldean Babylonian empire- around 539 – 531 BC; Dorius and the Medo-Persian around 539 – 331 BC; Alexander the Great with the Greek Empire around 331-168 BC.{{more}} All those who are acquainted with history very well know that the Roman Empire took world political power and followed the Greek Empire around 168 BC.

Down the line of history, we see the splitting of the Roman Empire. The Muslims did damage in the East. We had the explorers, Portugal, Spain, France, England etc.It is said in history that the native people of this country were Indian (red yellow) whom the white called Caribs; with Africans these people lived undisturbed and in peace in their beloved Hairoun ( Land of the blessed) till 1626, when King Charles I, of England assumed ownership of Hairoun. By then the name of our land was changed to St Vincent. Down the line of history — slavery to abolition in 1833, to plantation slavery until the struggle for freedom from colonialism started by George Mc-Intosh, followed by George Charles anchored by E.T. Joshua, statehood and independence by R.M Cato, progression with Sir J. F Mitchell, A. Eustace (short time) and at the moment Dr. R. Gonsalves, PM.

With World War I and II 1914 to 1918, the birth of Marxism communism in 1917 in Russia – WW2 in 1939-45.

We need to reflect and come together to chart our own destiny.

Happy Anniversary, Hairoun and the chain of islands.

Christian Democrat