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Open letter to the Administrator of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital


Fri Oct 18, 2013


St Vincent & the Grenadines

October 15, 2013

Hospital Administrator

Milton Cato Memorial Hospital

Bentinck Square


Miss Walters,

I recently had cause to attend Accident & Emergency at MCMH.

I have lived in St Vincent for about four years and this was the first time I had experienced MCMH care as a patient rather than a visitor.I was impressed.{{more}}

A&E appeared to be quite busy and during my treatment, I saw several very severe cases admitted and all of the staff acted professionally and diligently.

However, Sister Medford deserves particular praise.She undertook her leadership role with care and compassion. She gave clear, timely directives to her supporting staff under what were clearly difficult, time-critical circumstances and with limited resources.

Please ensure that Sister Medford receives appropriate recognition – it is people like her that keep this country going – the quiet professionals that are too often taken for granted.

Yours Sincerely

Gary Blackman