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Apologies for errors in my Round Table


Fri Oct 18, 2013

Dear Searchlight,

Please accept my sincere apologies for errors which crept into my Round Table feature of 15-10-13. The title of my submission was Modern Bible Translations: The King James and Jamaican and I regret that when I wrote the extracts from the Jamaican New Testament especially, they were illegible. Will you be so kind as to allow me to rewrite some of it?{{more}} I owe it to SEARCHLIGHT and your readers and, of course, to Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment.

Both the King James Version – the Jamesian Version and the Jamaican Version are works of that replacement current plus movements of spiritual and intellectual independence and growth. The royal court and the church councils in Britain led the way for the 1607-1611 Jamesian Version and its Elizabethan English language cadences won the hearts of many down through the ages. The Jamaican/ Jamiekan chansilieshan, on the other hand, is motivated by the need of 85 per cent of Jamaicans for the Christian scripture in their mother language. The translation was delivered as a bortdie prezan fi di fitijet ier sens Jamieka Muuv we fram Ingglan an a ruul itself.

Here are two extracts from: Di Gud Nuuz bout Jiizas azkaadn to Maak: Verses 1-3.

Dis a ou di Gud Nuuz bout Jiizas Krais,
Gad Bwai Pikni Staat. It rait dong iina
di buk we di prafit Aizaiya rait, se:
Luk,mi wi sen mi mesinja fi gwaan
Til yu kom
Im a go get piipl redi fi yu”
“Sumadi a shout iina di dezot,
‘Klier di wie fi di Laad kom chuu,
Mek di chrak we di Laad fi waak pan Chriet”

Verses 29-31

Afta Jiizas lef di Juud dem choch, dem go chriet a Saiman an Anjou ous. Jiems an Jan did go wid dem tu. Saiman mada-in-laa did sik iina bed a ruos wid fiiva. Wen Jiizas rich a di oud, dem tel im bour ar. Jiizas go tu ar, uol ar an, an tek taim riez ar op. Di fiiva brok an shi staat luk aafta dem.

Tek yu taim an riid div ors dem. Si iif dee no swiit.

Oscar Allen