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Where is the other cheek?


Fri Oct 11, 2013

Editor: A student writes an offensive note and for this she is expelled, I certainly do not condone insolence, but as parents and, by extension, teachers, part of the job is correction and counselling. Without this, how can there be rehabilitation

{{more}}Unfortunately, and for whatever reason it seems our entire society is no longer interested talking things out, in compromise or worse yet forgiveness. It is now more about might and power, ego and pride. Do we really need to wonder why our young men are so quick to use the power of the gun rather than their tongue?

It makes me want to say a public thank you to those teachers who put up with my own unruliness and later my children’s. Today, I can say without a doubt my successes are because of you. I know I am a better person for your understanding and kindness. To all those teachers who continue to look beyond the surface, who go beyond the writing, reading and arithmetic to really teach a child, I salute you.

To the young lady involved in this sad saga, you may now feel like an outcast; don’t let it break you. Know that this too shall pass. Take responsibility for your behaviour; know that in this life, there are consequence and benefits to every action. Thus, think before you act.

Focus on your education and work hard. Even though this school has chosen not to turn the other cheek, have faith. Whatever you believe in, affirm your dreams, speak them out loud to the universe and they will be realized. Above all stay strong.

Sharon Haynes