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I support Mr Kirk DaSilva


Fri Oct 11, 2013

Editor: I am a student from Richland Park now studying at St Augustine, UWI.

I have met Mr Kirk Da Silva on at least three occasions and I must admit that he is a knowledgeable and quite impressive man. His quiet unassuming demeanour must not be taken for granted; he is as outspoken and firm as they come.{{more}}

I listened to him speaking on the

economy, when a mixed group of people, old and young, were telling him how “bad” the economy was. Like a teacher, he explained until I believe he had convinced them that although things are bad, they could have been worse, had a different party been in power.

It would be a mistake for the ULP to take him for granted, as there is no comparison between him and the present representative. I have never heard her talk about fiscal measures and the impact of the global financial crisis as he explained that evening.

I too understood it much more after his explanations and he convinced me that the government is trying hard.

He mixes well with the old and the young and from listening to him he seems to be concerned about the poor and the state of agriculture in Marriaqua. I smiled to myself when he agreed with some young men when they chided him about the state of the Cane End playing field. He was apparently upset and agreed with them that it should have been repaired already. I admired him for that, as other politicians might have come up with excuses.

He is a good man for Marriaqua. I like him a lot and hope he gets the support. It is people like Mr Da Silva that we need throughout the length and breadth of this country. He would make a difference for sure.

Thank you, Madame Editor.

Young Constituent

Richland Park