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The discussion on medical use of marijuana


Tue Oct 8, 2013

Editor: There continues to be much discussion on the use of marijuana for medical purposes. While we can agree that it is the least harmful of many of the illegal drugs, yet we should not deny the fact that it has many negative effects. Research would show that some of these negative effects are: increased heart rate, anxiety, depression and aggression, just to name a few.{{more}}

If it is legalized for medical purposes, it is believed that systems would be put in place as to the amount allowed to be grown and used. However, how we can control the use and abuse of such a drug is still a concern. What we would see is that many would freely, and without fear, be using this drug and this would include our youths and teenagers. We would be raising a nation of young people who will be hooked on drugs. This abuse, we know, can lead to mental health problems and other problems.

While we can argue that if it becomes legal, those involved in the drug trade would have redress, should they be robbed, thus it could minimize crime. It would also reduce the profitability of this crop in terms of the price it is sold for, since there would be more farmers involved and it would be thus competitive. Thus, it could send many farmers out of business. On the other hand, like all other crops, some might benefit from it in terms of sales, while others would still be left out in the cold.

From a religious point of view, it should not be supported. Preachers and others have always looked at it as dangerous and ungodly. Similarly, the use of cigarettes and the abuse of alcohol etc are not supported by Christians, since the Holy Spirit lives in the heart of those who are saved. Then putting into your system the aforementioned will be disrespecting the presence of the Holy Spirit and also will aid in destroying the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Interestingly, many who once opposed this drug and deemed it as dangerous are today supporting the use of it for medical purposes.

It is my hope that we carefully consider this issue and take the politics out of it. More will be written later on as the discussion continues. Thank you.

Kennard King