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Why is Miss Byron not being promoted?


Tue Oct 01, 2013

Editor: When Commissioner Mr Keith Miller was sent home on pre-retirement leave, I remember the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper anticipating that the acting Commissioner, Michael Charles, would improve policing in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

There is no doubt in my mind that it’s the intention of Mr Charles to do the best he can. Mr Charles has a great deal of experience; I’m hoping he would use his experience to better this country’s security.

I’m hoping all Vincentians and non- nationals would support Mr Charles as acting Commissioner. The Prime Minister said he will decide who sits as Commissioner; my choice is Mr Franky Joseph; youth is in his favour.

Policing is challenging; when members of the police force work hard, they must be rewarded. I hear of acting Corporal, Ms Byron, who is assigned to the DARE programme to instill discipline in our children. When I listen to the Police Programme on NBC Radio 107.5 hosted by ASP Jonathan Nichols and Inspector Hawkins Nanton, they refer to Ms Byron as Corporal. I find that misleading. I say this because she isn’t confirmed as a corporal, she is acting. Is Ms Byron being paid for acting as a corporal?

Ms Byron has 16 years serving as a police officer; she has been acting corporal for a few years. From what I’ve been hearing. she is doing an excellent job. It’s time for Ms Byron to be promoted; so I’m making an appeal to Vincentians to promote Ms Byron. She deserves a promotion. From my understanding, Michael Charles can promote her.

Sometimes, I wonder why it’s so difficult to find quality persons to serve as police officers. One wonders if there is a pattern where one deserves a promotion, but he or she must wear red. “Lawd have mercy”.

Questions for Michael Charles:

Why is Ms Byron not being promoted?

Are you being properly informed by her superior about her job?

Is Ms Byron a victim of police crime?

After serving 16 years, is it a lack of discipline why Ms Byron isn’t being promoted?

Tell us about the force order and if it’s being used?


Police are supposed to be at the airport and on September 29, 2013 there were no police present at the airport. Why is this so?

Kingsley De Freitas

Editor’s note: Mr DeFreitas’ memory seems to be failing him. SEARCHLIGHT never “anticipated” that policing would improve under Acting Commissioner Michael Charles. What we did say in our editorial of July 19, 2013 was that Acting Commissioner Charles had a daunting task before him and we called on the entire police force and the public to support him.