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PM, your position on homosexuality is cowardly


Fri Sep 20, 2013

Editor: Homosexuality is a sin against the very nature of God. In the Bible, we are told that God made both male and female (Mark 10:6). He put Adam and Eve together and told them to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1: 28). He never put two persons of the same sex together. And no two persons of the same sex can be fruitful and multiply.{{more}}

These homosexual practices we know have become very widespread in this country and the world at large. This practice, however, should never be encouraged or entertained. Many practise this sickening lifestyle under the guise of freedom of choice. Indeed, I would agree it is a person’s choice to be a homosexual, but it is not a choice given by God. It is one that God hates.

Recently, we heard the honuorable Prime Minister refusing to take a stand when it comes to homosexuals. I chuckled when I heard his response, for whatever position he takes, many persons would be angry and it would affect his political career and that of his party. Thus, he chooses not to take a stand.

This stand taken by the Prime Minister is a smart one, but a cowardly position. I, as a voter, would like to know where the politicians stand concerning this practice. After all, Obama took a stand, the former minister Selmon Walters took a stand. Thus, we need politicians who have backbone, who are willing to stand up and call homosexuality wrong.

Taking this stand would definitely anger many of the party supporters and would definitely be politically unpopular. What we need is for the politicians on all sides to declare their position, regardless of what many persons may feel. Refusing to take a stand Mr PM is a cowardly act and you need to declare your hand. Also I would like all politicians declaring their position on this issue. Are we saying that since this subject is not for politicians, that they should stifle their consciences and conviction just for electoral support?

As Christians, we ought to love the homosexuals, but hate their practice. We cannot, as a nation, allow homosexuality to become legal, regardless of the silence of politicians, which we know is not for long. Let us not be surprised that one day homosexuality will be permitted as legal and right. We should pray earnestly and live for God.

Kennard King