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Open letter to my Comrade, Jomo Sanga


Fri Sep 20, 2013

Dear Jomo,

Warm greetings on this blest day.

I write to assure you that, as you enter Parliamentary politics in the fold of the Unity Labour Party, I hold you still as my colleague and comrade in struggle.{{more}}

You have chosen this senatorial position; no one has bought you and you will shed the light of your flaming javelin in that sometimes foggy chamber of law-making, where integrity can lose its way.

Please do not feel that you must live up to the expectations of any of us, not mine, not Comrade Gonsalves’ nor any other significant person. You have often shown yourself to speak and act against the grain, and opposed to the flow of the powerful when the cause of truth and justice were transparent to you.

That is your standard and I know that you will take that to Parliament. If our dormant People’s Movement for Change (PMC) loses you, perhaps you can say a word to Zenzili.

Let God guide you, Jomo.