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Letter of complaint to Liat


Tue Sep 13, 2013

September 6, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my total disappointment and disgust with your flight attendant on duty yesterday, September 5th, on flight 726 out of St Vincent to Barbados.

My mother, Elsa Velox, an 80-year-old senior, was very offhandedly told that there was no documentation supporting her request for a wheelchair. She had called the office in St Vincent to request the service that same morning, because, upon booking, the request had not been made. At the airport, she again checked with the agent to ensure that everything was in place for the wheelchair on arrival in Barbados and was assured that it was.{{more}} The distance to the aircraft in St Vincent is so much shorter, my mother is capable of walking to the aircraft there, but never in Barbados.
What I find very distressing is that this flight attendant could not use her better judgment or discretion and radio for a wheelchair, even if the staff at Arnos Vale forgot to notify her of this request. Could she not see that this passenger, an obvious senior, would need assistance getting to the terminal?? What if my mother refused to leave the aircraft? Would she then have called the police? The scenario is totally ludicrous. Being the lady that she is, my mother said she attempted as best as she could to walk the distance. Needless to say, she was the very last person to leave the terminal from that flight! This display of total disregard, disrespect and ineptitude is unconscionable and unforgiveable. How very fortunate for all concerned that my mother did not suffer an episode on her way to customs/immigration!

She subsequently had a very distressing night, totally defeating the purpose of overnighting in Barbados, making an easier transition for her flight to Canada today. I would hope that you take time to address this matter as it could have been a disaster for all concerned. I certainly look forward to a response and would hope that the flight attendant in question is given a lesson in courtesy and urged to utilize discretionary powers.


Marsha-Ann Velox-Boyea