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I have a right, as a Vincentian, to question the Prime Minister


Tue Sep 10, 2013

Editor: When I was a young boy my father introduced me to Mr Ralph Gonsalves. He said to me, “son, keep your eyes on this man”, and that is exactly what I’m doing up to this day.{{more}}

I pay attention to where he travels to and what he says. Dr Gonsalves seems to always want to be right when he speaks; for his part, he is never wrong. He dislikes being questioned. While he is trained, knowledgeable and has the ability, he needs to take into consideration that I am a Vincentian and I have the right to question anyone when they put forward their opinion.

From listening to Dr Gonsalves, one must not question his word; is this the man that said to Vincentians “take control of your destiny”?

It’s frightening to know whenever one questions him he thinks you’re against him, and that might not be true. We are only looking for answers!

Doc, you promised us transparency, good governance and accountability and that’s what we are waiting for. Let me remind you, Vincentians are paying attention; if you don’t believe, you would see in the next general elections results.

Madam Editor, I read all the various newspapers that are published; I read the different writings from different writers, and I think all the writers put forward their best opinion on things how they see them. Sometimes, I wonder why more persons don’t write. Maybe it’s because they are afraid. Maybe they are afraid if they don’t write in their favour they would say you’re against them.

Imagine this country has so many university graduates, but they choose not to give back to their country. The question is how much of a contribution they are making besides working and getting rich. It’s time for persons who benefitted from the state to give back something to their country. Come on, Vincentians give back some of the knowledge learnt from universities.

Whenever I write or make my contribution on radio, persons like Noel Jackson always question me and say all sorts of things to rubbish my contribution, but Mr Jackson, I’m not better than anyone, and no one is better than me. When I make my contribution, I do it impartially, not like you. You see everything through the eyes of politics and that is why the country appears to be at a standstill.

Kingsley Defreitas