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Still no room after nearly three years out of formal educational system


Fri Sep 6, 2013

Editor: September is here again and the 2013-2014 academic has started again. For yet another year, I have heard the chorus “Your application is unsuccessful”. At the end of July this year, I applied for the post of Lecturer in Mathematics/Physics at the Community College and I was called for an interview in mid– August. One week later, I was informed via telephone that I was unsuccessful. I was not surprised, because I have grown accustomed to this type of shabby treatment from the chief stewards of the education revolution.{{more}}

Let me remind readers that I had re-applied for a job of Graduate Mathematics Teacher at either a Secondary School or the Community College since December 2010. I was told repeatedly that there is no vacancy at any of the institutions. Every one knows that over the last two years there has been a fall-off in the CSEC Mathematics results in the majority of secondary schools across the country. At the same time, I have been teaching private classes at Langley Park (2012) and Kingstown (2013), with an above average degree of success, including some candidates obtaining grade ones. Yet, the officials in the Ministry of Education do not think that I am qualified enough or competent enough to teach Mathematics in any government institution in the land of my birth. I was competent from 1979 when I began teaching until 2010 when I contested the general elections. I was competent in 2007 – 2010 when Mr Young, Mrs Scott and I broke the national record in CAPE Mathematics TWICE in three years. Then, suddenly, I became an outcast and unfit to teach students who are products of the education revolution.

My dear readers, there are numerous opportunities out there for Mathematics teachers throughout the Caribbean and I could have gone to greener pastures. However, I had to weigh a lot

of factors, including the fact that my son Azel was writing 11 CSEC subjects and needed my support. That sacrifice proved fruitful and I am heartened that he got 8 grade 1’s (including Mathematics).

I will still continue to make my contribution in Mathematics, privately or part-time, wherever I am needed. Many parents and students appreciate this and that is enough motivation for me to press on, although there is still NO ROOM for me in the formal educational system after nearly three years in the wilderness.