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If you own a bakery – buy a sifter and sift your flour


Tue Sep 03, 2013

Editor: I refer to the article “Woman claims she found needle in bread,” published in the Midweek edition of August 27, 2013.

I read about a similar complaint a few months ago in the SEARCHLIGHT, via the Internet (actually it was two similar complaints back to back in the space of about three months).{{more}}

I cannot believe that I’m reading another, whether it is true or not. It is very simple. If you own a bakery – buy a sifter and sift your flour to avoid lawsuits and court hearings. Remember Vincentians are no longer stupid. Gone are the days when Vincentians never used to fight back for their rights. There is still a lot of work to be done in that area, but it is happening slowly, so don’t sit back and believe that our people are too stupid to fight back.

Again, for the good of your business and the health of our people, please sift your flour before use.

As we say here in NY, “eat, drink and be wary.” You know what that means.