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Travelling with LIAT, always a memorable experience


Fri Aug 30, 2013

Editor: Travelling with LIAT is in most cases a memorable experience, especially in the last two to three months. Flying with LIAT many times leaves some passengers with anger at LIAT and an experience that is not easily forgotten.{{more}}

We have been hearing many reports about Liat and the mechanical problems of some of the aircraft. We have also heard from the management of LIAT that we should expect more woes. Travelling with LIAT, one is bound to encounter an unprofessional attitude from its staff, where they fail in many cases to tell passengers the truth about the delays, causes of delays and possible time of departure.

It is so depressing to be stranded for hours and many times arriving in SVG well past midnight. The sad thing is that all that is being offered is a meal, which, in many cases, do not cost US$13.50. There are cases where passengers miss their connecting flights to international destinations, simply because LIAT arrived late. To add insult to injury, many times no one from LIAT is there to apologize to the passengers and ensure that they are taken care of. Thus, in these cases, the passengers are left on their own to sleep at the airports without compensation.

What about when passengers arrive at their destinations late and without their luggage? These passengers had to purchase new clothes and many times they have items which got spoiled by the late arrival of the luggage. Yet, amidst all of that inconvenience, there is no compensation for passengers. And with the late arrivals at their destinations, LIAT does not even provide a taxi to take the passengers who were stranded to their homes on arrival.

I know we in SVG have no choice but to put up with such low treatment from LIAT, for LIAT is the only airline that flies out of and into SVG from regional countries. Our Prime Minister has been pumping so much money into LIAT, yet we are treated as not important. Is it because we have to accept their treatment since we have no choice? Well, I think it is time something is done to LIAT. I think it is time LIAT be made to pay, by passengers demanding compensation.

Come to think of it, this behaviour by LIAT will definitely affect our tourism. Many passengers would not like to endure such stress to be stranded in Barbados for an entire day in order to reach SVG; instead they would rather come to Barbados or one of the other destinations where they come straight without having to undergo such unprofessionalism from Liat staff and delays and waste of time by waiting on LIAT to arrive and carry them to their destinations, plus having to endure the sad situation of luggage not arriving on time, but sometimes after a week or more.

Thus, if we want tourists to feel comfortable to come to SVG instead of staying in Barbados, Trinidad or some other country, then the authorities have to ensure that LIAT improves its service. Besides, LIAT has purchased new aircraft, yet passengers continue to be stranded without any compensation. Let us hope that immediate action will be taken by LIAT to ensure that passengers arrive on time at their destinations and are also treated with respect and

professionalism. There are times when passengers arrive too late for their jobs, without any form of compensation and redress.

LIAT, hmmm, there is never a dull moment travelling with “Leave Island Any Time” (LIAT). Thank you.

Kennard King