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To Russia and back – Tamira Browne is an outstanding leader


Tue Aug 27, 2013

Editor: From the time she was selected by an international panel of judges for having composed one of the best poems in the world, I said she was a young lady to watch. She has excellent leadership and creative skills. I concluded that she and her brother, Luke, are two people to watch.{{more}}

I began to research and study her development as quietly she became more prominent on the local, regional and global scene without any fanfare and vulgar, questionable publicity.

She is a Christian who persuasively declares by life and lip that Christians must practise what they preach or make sure that there is harmony in what they say and do with the enabling power of God.

Having discovered that she is an excellent student who has already obtained her Master’s degree while still in her early twenties – she is younger than her brother Luke, who is still in his twenties after successfully pursuing Mathematics and Statistics at the Master’s level in Oxford. I coached him as a brilliant teenager in cricket. I am proud to say that.

I also discovered that Miss Browne, Her Excellency, was the Caricom Youth Ambassador for St Vincent and the Grenadines and made an outstanding regional impact as the holder of that high office.

I was not surprised to discover later that Her Excellency Tamira Browne, had served as the Treasurer of the Guild of Students at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. The year before, her brother Luke was the first Vincentian to be president of the Guild of Students of Cave Hill and the youngest ever to serve as president on any campus Guild of the University, Tamira was the first and only Vincentian, so far, to be treasurer of the University Guild. What is also remarkable is the fact that from one household in St Vincent she and her brother Luke, held the highest offices on the student body of the university. This is a record at a time when the student body exceeded eight thousand (8,000) students and when it is considered that St Vincent is not a campus territory.

Not long ago at Government House, Miss Browne was the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh gold award. I was pleased to read also that Miss Browne was the leader of a team of Caricom Youth Ambassadors to Russia. To go on a delegation to Russia on a Caricom mission is great, but to be the leader of the delegation of the 15 – nation body is most remarkable.

MOSCOW: To be recognised by her peers as their leader of the 15 member community of nations, speaks volumes for the young Christian lady, full of fresh implementable ideas for the welfare of our nations. Despite her tremendous articulate skills, compassion and patriotic commitment. she is a very dynamic, humble and caring person, providing an excellent example to her students at the Emmanuel high School and all who come under her powerful influence as a member of the Streams of Power Church and as a leader in the Girl Guides Movement, of which her elder sister, R̩channe, is Chief Commissioner Рthe youngest ever.

May God continue to guide, inspire, protect and bless her as she uses her God given skills to enhance the quality of life of Vincentians. She is really letting her light shine that men may see her good works and glorify her Father in heaven.

Continue to let your light shine brightly, Tamira. We are proud of you.

Theodore Browne