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Discipline Cummings!


Tue Aug 27, 2013

Editor: I enjoy listening to Parliament whenever our parliamentarians meet to discuss this country’s business. I find it interesting when there is crosstalk between the Prime Minister, Mr Leacock, Mr Cummings and Dr Friday. Mr Hendrick Alexander who is the Speaker of the House of Assembly is not my favourite person. I think he should be removed and be replaced with Mr Jomo Thomas, who will have a better understanding of the House rules. That’s where Mr Alexander is lacking; I understand Mr Alexander has a job to do as Speaker.{{more}}

I have some questions for Mr Alexander.

1. Are you convinced that this country is better off having you as Speaker?

2. Do you feel intimidated by the Leader of the House?

3. Would it be fair to say you lack impartiality?

While I’m very critical of you sir, I thought you did what was required at the last sitting of Parliament. It’s time that you discipline Mr Cummings for his continuous lack of respect for this country’s Parliament.

The young people are paying attention to what is happening in our country’s Parliament. You have a responsibility to demonstrate from your understanding of the standing orders (House rules) what is required from parliamentarians. I’m congratulating the NDP for distancing themselves from MP Cummings’ unorthodox behaviour when they came back and continued the country’s work in the House of Assembly.

My impression is that the NDP

leadership is saying to MP Cummings, “We are not with you”. I hope Mr Cummings pays close attention and changes his attitude towards the Speaker of the House.

When I asked Dr Lewis for his comment on MP Cummings’ behaviour, Dr Lewis refused to answer. Why?

Maybe because he doesn’t want to offend MP Cummings, but Dr Lewis, if you can’t tell a friend when he’s wrong, then your friend should question your friendship.

I tried asking MP Leacock, but he avoided. When I asked Dr Friday, he said he speaks for himself. Could you imagine Mr Cummings as a minister of Government? I believe all hell will break loose!

You may ask if I tried speaking to the Opposition Leader about Mr Cummings’ indisciplined behaviour, but I’m afraid he may tell me I’m out of place!

Mr Eustace, it’s time for you to discipline Mr Cummings and Mr Leacock because when you become prime minister, they would destroy what you worked hard for. Vincentians are paying attention to how the NDP functions outside Parliament, and if what was demonstrated by Mr Cummings and Mr. Leacock continues, NDP will find it difficult to win the next elections.

So please, Mr Eustace, demonstrate the disciplinarian that you are, by disciplining those who are bent on creating problems for the NDP. Just as you are avoiding Sir James and his comment about your leadership, it’s time you demonstrate your respect to Vincentians, we are waiting.

Madam Editor, the Prime Minister says he would be making three senatorial changes. Before I comment on the new senatorial positions, where are our former senators: Young, Ford, Williams, Marks, Fife and Snagg? They had intentions of being electoral parliamentarians, but they failed. I’ll tell you this, Dr Gonsalves will ensure his son (Camillo) becomes more than a senator!

Kingsley De Freitas