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Thank you, COP Keith Miller


Fri Aug 23, 2013

Editor: I applaud you for being the captain of the ship for eight years. In spite of all the criticism and persecution, I admire your strength and determination.{{more}}

You were not moved; you stood your ground like a brave soldier; you faced the battle and did not allow yourself to be defeated by the enemies. You have fought a good fight; you have finished your course and have kept the faith. You did not bow down, and like Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego, you maintained your integrity. Like Jesus himself you were crucified, but his words tell us, if the world hates you, remember they hated him first. He came unto his own and they received him not. What more could you have done? It was under your leadership that you fought hard to build a relationship between the police and public:

  • The Redemption Sharpes Concerned Citizens group was established.
  • Pan Against Crime
  • Police Youth Clubs
  • You ensured police men and women uplifted their education standard by introducing the Associate Degree programmes.
  • You even went as far as trying to unite the gangs at Ottley Hall and other communities and gained employment for some of those said young people.
  • You approved the establishment of a Christian body within the organization, the Police Christian Soldiers Ministry and so much more you did, you did it all.

Feel proud, stand tall and remember that your reward will not be from man, but from Almighty God. Your long sleepless nights are over. Many times, I wondered how you did it. From Sunday to Monday you were in your office, toiling all into the wee hours of the morning. You were chastised all for the sake of doing good. Even God himself chastened those whom he loves. I prophesy over your life that you will give your life over to the Lord and have an intimate relationship with him. I also prophesy God will silence the mouths of your attackers.

May his sweet peace rest upon you as you vacate your post. God bless you!

A true friend