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It is time to get down on our knees and repent


Fri Aug 23, 2013

Editor: We have, in the last month or so, been hearing about not only robberies, but murders and different forms of heinous crimes. While we wonder what is taking place and we seek to critically analyze the causes and solutions, let us not forget that these crimes are to be expected, since as the Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9, “that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked”.{{more}} Thus, these crimes are a reflection of the heart of man and its condition.

We are also told in 2 Timothy 3: 1- 4 that in the last days men shall be lovers of themselves etc, thus showing us that we are indeed living in the last days. So, as we wonder what is taking place and we continue to ascribe blame, let us be conscious of the times we are living in. It is not in this country alone that we are experiencing a rise in crimes, but in many nations of the world, including the USA, Canada, England etc.

So, while we recognize that the security of the land can play its part and we look to politicians and the police for answers and solution, let us look inwards into our hearts. The authorities, with their good intentions, including the politicians, cannot really solve the problems. We as a people, have to take responsibility and turn our lives over to God. We, as a people, have look to the Lord for help and each one of us needs to spread love and forgive each other.

I pray that, as a nation, we would turn to God like NINEVAH did and let the wrath of God turn away from us. I am afraid that this nation may be ripe for God’s judgement. It is time to get down on our knees and repent of our evils and turn to God; then the Lord will heal this nation.

Kennard King