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Historical Notes St Vincent and the Grenadines


‘Victoria Park’ comes into being

“The conversion of the Parade Ground into a ‘Public Park’ in commemoration of Her Majesty’s Jubilee” (The Sentinel newspaper May 20, 1887)

A notice appeared from the Chief Justice for a meeting at the Court House on May 3 ‘to consider the appropriate manner of commemorating the Jubilee year of the Queen’{{more}}

Four resolutions were passed and one was adopted; “that the open space in Bentick Square, Kingstown, be converted into a park to be called the ‘Victoria Park’…that the place be levelled and turfed – that two belts of trees be planted and a carriage road formed between them, the inner portion remaining, as at present, a recreation ground…”

Other parts of the resolution called for a pavilion to be erected at the upper end along with a covered stand for the Police Band; “that the cross road leading through Bentick Square to the Hospital be abandoned and that the piece of land belonging to the ground, between the residence of the Chef Justice and the houses on the other side of the road be sold.”

It was also decided that a dedication festival be held on June 21 when the Park would be publicly named the Victoria Park by the Governor.

Meeting of Afro-West Indians

“A preliminary meeting of local Afro-West Indians was held at the Public Library at 8:30 pm last night. The general tenor of the meeting was to lay a protest against Italy’s action towards Abyssinia. Among the speakers were A.C DeBique, E.B Duncan, G.A McIntosh and J.R Cato. Another large meeting is expected to take place at the Market Square on Friday night at 8 pm…”(The Times newspaper, August 8, 1935)