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Why I think ULP will lose the next general election


Tue Aug 13, 2013

Editor: The ULP is destined to lose the next general eections because of the following:

1. The massive tax increase on houses. Many cannot afford this increase, even if they desire to. Pensioners on small fixed incomes are crying out.{{more}}

2. The civil servants are yet to receive the balance of the three percent due them, while some “consultants” are living like kings and queens.

3. The seeming escalation in crime, with no proper plan to deal with it.

4. The outrageous manner of dealing with the Port Police.

5. Pouring our hard-earned tax dollars into LIAT, while Vincy travellers are treated with less courtesy than those of other States in the region.

6. The fact that several senior civil servants have misconducted themselves and have not been punished, but have been given other big-paying jobs.

7. Not caring that the “vampire” VINLEC has sent many Vincies into greater poverty. By the way, why are some executives in statutory institutions receiving 15 and 20 thousand dollars per month? Should they be getting more than the Permanent Secretaries who have oversight over these institutions, in a poor country like SVG?

8. For not sending Dr Jerrol Thompson and Dr Douglas Slater to work at the hospital, where they can really help sick Vincies.

9. For not reminding Sir Beache that he is a rich man and over 80 and that his enormous salary can assist 20 to 30 youths who are unemployed.

10. The inability to maintain the main roads in SVG.

If the ULP deals with these issues, maybe a miracle will occur.

An Advisor,

G. Davis