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If your right hand offends you – cut it off!!


Tue Aug 13, 2013

Editor: I am deeply saddened over the death of a very close friend and fellow hustler, Mr Rodney Grant. A young man of only thirty years, in the prime of his youth, lost his life to the hands of thieves. Thieving in itself is wrong, but to do so, murdering an innocent person in the process, is just outrageous.{{more}} Over the last decade we have witnessed an upsurge of such inhumane murders at the hands of youthful robbers. The Government needs to turn an attentive eye to this matter and institute stiffer laws to curb this specific type of crime – murdering while thieving. The Scripture says if your right hand offend you, you must cut it off! Indeed, we need laws of the land to cut off the hand or hands of criminals who are blatantly caught murdering while thieving, as is the case with Rodney Grant’s murder. I call on the citizens of this small island to speak out and let us call for the institution of such laws. These young criminals are going too far, knowing that the only consequence is jail to relax, eating three square meals a day at the expense of taxpayers’ money. The Opposition needs to play their part too. We all must join hands to protect the peacefulness of this our blessed St Vincent and the Grenadines. I say to cut it off, because you, my reader, may just be the next innocent victim.