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Careful with LIAT travel ‘protection’!

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Fri July 19, 2013

Editor: Early November 2011, we had to fly to St Lucia to see after our son who had broken his hand. Anticipating time-consuming problems, we took LIAT’s “highly recommended” Travel Insurance, on their website at the time: “A friendly Reminder! LIAT Travel Protection to protect your trip.{{more}}

Liat Travel Protection will take care of you. We at Liat value our Guest’s travel experience and highly recommend adding the Travel Protection.” As foreseen, we indeed had to change plans and rebook flights, hotels etc, but thought “No problem, we are insured”.

Since then we submitted to Liat Travel Insurance and copied to LIAT offices numerous times multiple copies of our relevant documents, such as statements, time-tables, bills and expenses via email, fax and registered letters, as required. End of November 2011 LIAT’s Travel Insurance came back once, stating that our claim will be pursued.

However, that was the only time we ever heard from them, in spite of our numerous attempts to have our claim dealt with.

As before, we again turned to LIAT, in March, April and May 2013.

(Headquarters Antigua,


etc.), in our opinion, the responsible body.

They finally came back with: “We have copied the insurance company on this email so that they can respond directly to you and provide an update on your claim.”

To my response: “…but your Insurance is not responding, what can we do? Can you please not just copy them but write them in no uncertain terms…to honour the claims of your customers… That’s why customers insure with you/them, because you, Liat, recommend it so highly?”.

To this day, NO RESPONSE FROM LIAT, neither from my young, energetic attorney, who was to follow up on the matter.

The conclusion of this unpleasant experience: LIAT didn’t care. Being frequent flyers, we nevertheless were left unassisted. In spite of LIAT Travel Insurance, our insured expenses haven’t been met. No explanation from LIAT whatsoever, the airline who boasts: “We at LIAT will take care of you. We at LIAT value our Guest’s travel experience.” Are they kidding?

Very Disappointed,

Otmar Schaedle

(frequent Liat


PS: We want to mention LIAT personnel is generally friendly and helpful; the problem lies with the “upper levels”.