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West India Regiment’s radio programme


Tue June 18, 2013

Editor: On Sunday, June 9 2013, the West India Regiment, as part of their 6th biennial reunion, had a radio programme on Hitz FM, hosted by Mike Findlay, with panelists Lieutenant Colonels Wendell Salanday, David Dopwell and Justice Castor Williams.{{more}}

The programme, which started just after 12 noon, was very informative, uplifting and educational in all aspects and gave listeners some great historical information relating to the formation, roles and functions of that august body, which has enabled the members to come together and reminisce on the training and what transpired over the period of its existence.

What was very striking to me, but not surprising, was the emphasis on the discipline which in their words, moulded them into what I would describe as world citizens. These sons of our Caribbean civilization were actually making the call for our present day modus operandi to be hinged on discipline of the highest order, amongst our entire citizenry.

This was done with some very strong and firm language, which epitomized their time in the Regiment and what they underwent during that period. However, in spite of the programme being so informative and refreshing, more information may have been obtained if listeners were able to connect with the programme.

I tried for over 45 minutes, calling the number mentioned to call and the phone just rang continuously. I tried the station main line and to no avail, there was no answer. I am certain that there were many more persons who tried to connect to ask questions and give their own views on what had transpired, thereby making the programme more enlightening and probably extracting much more information from such a knowledgeable group of men who obviously endeared their peers, families and the West Indian community as a whole. In closing, let me congratulate the Regiment and in particular the three panelists who gave information which could only be given by those who experienced it in the way they did. May your future endeavours be fruitful and may you leave St Vincent and the Grenadines with memories you will forever cherish.

Aubrey Burgin