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‘I don’t know if he is religious, but he must rank with the top Angels of this world’


Tue June 11, 2013

Editor: Since returning to SVG at the end of 2002, I have spent hours explaining why I am such a strong supporter of the British today, even after suffering much racism during my 40 years of living in England.{{more}}

Wherever we go in the world, we will find racists. I travelled to over 80 different countries outside the Caribbean, while living in England, spending many days, sometimes months, in each place as a tourist, and there are very few places I know, where “White people” are as friendly to “Black people” as in Britain.

I was motivated to write this letter because of the actions of a white Englishman, whom I have never met, and who I will call Mr C. I made a phone call to him earlier today (Monday) on behalf of a very distressed friend, whose siblings live in England and unknown to my friend, one has been causing Mr C some serious problems over the past six months, leaving him no option but to put the matter in the hands of his lawyers. My friend only found out late last week, and after several text messages to Mr C’s secretary, sought my assistance.
I managed to get him on the phone early this morning, and I was truly amazed at the courtesy and understanding showed by this gentleman, I would go as far as to say that at one stage he seemed to be apologetic for the distress that my friend’s sibling was causing. I was on the phone to Mr C for just over thirty minutes, and over half of that time was spent in friendly chatter. The matter has not yet reached a full conclusion, but Mr C has promised to delay the court action, and wait until my friend’s return to England to sort things out, most likely saving yet another young black person from a possible jail term.

While he is not the first white man I know who has “bent over backwards” to help a black person whom he doesn’t even know, I don’t know if he is religious, but he must rank with the top Angels of this world.

Louis Providence