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Fri June 7, 2013

Editor: Meritocracy is a good idea, but how practicable is it in SVG? In meritocracy, jobs are given based on merit, in terms of qualification and experience and in some cases ability to do the job. It is believed that in meritocracy, jobs and promotions are not given based upon political affiliation and as a payback to members of the ruling party. However, the question still remains, how practical is it?{{more}}

Indeed, it would be nice if meritocracy is at work and doing well. However, when we look at it, we would, I hope, draw our own conclusion. For example, two persons from two different parties, the ruling and opposition party apply for the same job. There is only one vacancy and both are equally qualified and experienced. One of the two persons is a good friend of the minister of government who is in charge of that ministry. He approaches the minister concerning the job. Now, I would rather think that since both persons are equally qualified and experienced, then the person who is the minister’s comrade would naturally get it over the other person who is not a supporter of his party. Failure to give the job to him could cause him to lose some votes. The same can be applied to other situations and promotions.

As laymen, it is easy to talk about it and also as a politician we can talk about meritocracy, but when he/she becomes a member of government, either as a senator or elected representative, it is a different story. What about those who have fought hard for the politicians to win; when they win would they not look to the politicians to reward them with a good job? We know that there are some positions given to party faithful, even though the persons may not merit the positions.

Since many politicians are also concerned about retaining power they would find it hard to anger their faithful supporters by giving a job to someone else from another party over him/her even though that person who gets the job merits the job over the party faithful.

Indeed it would be nice if jobs, promotions and positions are given solely on meritocracy. Similarly, it would be interesting to know if many of those who are in parliament today would be there based on their merit. For in meritocracy, a system has to be developed setting out the qualifications of politicians meriting their place in the house of assembly?

So the idea of meritocracy can be developed and discussed. For I know there is more that can be said and discussed about such a system. However is it possible that this is a question that you and I can answer? Your guess is as good as mine. Thank you.

Kennard King