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Women’s cricket must ask for a divorce


Tue June 4, 2013

Editor: “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. The SVGCA may have succeeded in fooling some members of the public about their interest in female cricket for a while, but as the years rolled by, it is becoming evident that the SVGCA has absolutely NO interest in the development of female cricket in this country. For the past three plus years, the local female cricket tournament has been May/June. These are the reasons for the late start{{more}}:

1. National Sports Council did not make ground available

2. Teams making late registration

3. SVGCA waiting on the WICB to see what format they will play in the regional tournament.

Listen, you cannot wait until January to start planning your tournament for January and expect National Sports Council to bow to you. The grounds are not for SVGCA alone. FOFC has given the assurance that they will pay the registration fees of all female teams participating in the local tournament, and has been faithful in doing so and if the SVGCA is keen in having a local female tournament, the WICB format should not be the determining factor.

I think it is time for the president of the SVGCA to tell the public the truth. There is no reason why that female tournament should be this way, especially since RBTT is sponsoring the tournament. If I had a voice for the women, I would tell them not to play any tournament, but they love their cricket too bad. Can you imagine the embarrassment to have the main sponsor RBTT at the “so called” opening for women’s cricket tournament and only one team turned up to play the game? This is absolutely ridiculous.

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