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Sex, crime and Jezebel


Fri May 24, 2013

Dear Editor: I am prompted to write this letter as a result of the fears and concerns I hear from my fellow citizens about our seemingly disintegrating society.{{more}}

In every community, people are horrified by the rampant crime.

At the time of writing this letter on Monday, May 13th, SVG had already recorded 11 homicides for the year.

Added to this, we have not heard about any arrest made in relation to a man wanted in connection with the rape of his young daughter.

It seems as if we are now experiencing an uncontrollable spate of crime, violence and acts of sexual perversion.

As a people, we are worried about the situation, wondering who will be the next youth to fall by the gun, or what other act of sexual immorality would take place in our land.

My people, we should not worry, because we were warned.

Numerous letters in the press have warned about a trail of chaos, crime and confusion in SVG, as a result of the presence of the Jezebel spirit here.

This spirit is now unmasked, but instead of taking authority in the name of Jesus Christ and binding her and pulling down her strongholds, we have been most accommodating or fearful of this spirit.

Jezebel has no legitimate authority over God’s children, but through her tactics of deception, she is able to usurp authority over our homes, businesses families and even our very minds.

This spirit is purely satanic, and has come to steal, to kill and to destroy, just like the devil himself.

Speaking at a crusade in Clare Valley, Grenadian Pastor David King spoke about the Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Satan.

Speaking about acts of sexual perversion, Pastor King said it is “devilish” for a man to watch his own daughter and rape her.

Incest is just one of the sexual sins promoted by the Jezebel spirit.

Lesbianism, homosexuality and rape are also in her closet.

He also gave warning that Satan is moving about in our land, like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

One of Satan’s main agents here is the Jezebel spirit.

She breathes rebellion into our young people, resulting in them turning their backs against God, and living a life of crime instead.

We all know the old saying “he who lives by the gun must die by it.”

So, no wonder, the gun is claiming so many lives in SVG.

Our entire society is at risk.

Jezebel is a very religious spirit. She likes to mingle in the church and be close to pastors, worship leaders and people with prophetic gifts.

Jezebel is herself a false prophet.

She sees authenticity by aligning herself with true prophets and preachers of the word of God.

If these people also fail to see through her deception, their ministries would be crushed and, worst of all, their souls would be lost.

Jezebel is on a rampage in SVG; her intention is to leave a trail of death and destruction.

Our only weapon against this mighty force of evil is prayer.