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Bakeries should really think seriously about sifting their flour


Fri May 17, 2013

Editor: I read the story in your edition of May 14, about the young man who claimed to find a stone in a cake.

We may not know how accurate his claims are, but to avoid these complaints from happening, I think that these bakeries should really think about having their flour sifted.{{more}}

This should be the right way to go, in the first place, because of all the things that we usually find in flour. I recall earlier this year there was a similar complaint about the same thing.

Incidents like this should really remind us about the dangers of eating out.

And how about the Ministry of Health? How often do they send workers to check on these businesses? How often have you heard about persons who get sick after consuming things like food etc.

It may be true or false in this instance, but it’s happening and frequently too, but most people who were affected by it never complain. So if we keep doing that, everything will just fall back to square one, unless someone becomes very ill and dies.

As the saying goes, “Eat and be wary”.