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Belle Isle road needs urgent attention


Tue May 14, 2013

Editor: There is a road at Belle Isle that needs some urgent attention. Travelling on the North Leeward road can be very challenging, not just because of the hills and sharp bends, but also because of how narrow the road is and the high cliffs that exist in some areas, amongst them, Belle Isle.{{more}}

For some time now, there has been a danger that seems to be lurking, waiting to happen at Belle Isle road. This section of the road is already being undermined. If a motor vehicle should slip off the edge at this section of the road, it will land over two hundred feet below. Well, I certainly don’t have to say what will happen should a vehicle go over there.

Should the road fall in, there is certainly no way of getting past that area to and from Kingstown. With the number of vehicles that travel on that road, including very heavy vehicles, it can certainly make it deteriorate more quickly. Let’s hope that it does not fall in, for if it does, it can be very critical.

What is recommended is that the bank be cut about another twelve feet in, so that a road could be made, to prevent vehicles from travelling very close to the edge of the road, which is at this time weak.

I know we are experiencing a slowdown in financial aid and that money worldwide is hard to come by, including here in SVG. Nevertheless, this is an urgent need. We must never take it for granted that it would not happen now. We cannot sit back and wait until something serious occurs.

Therefore, I am making this appeal to have a qualified engineer look at the area and hope that something is done soon. After all, I know that we are concerned about the safety of everyone. I will personally be disappointed if this appeal goes unheeded.

Kennard King