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The Octagon club not being very considerate


Tue May 7, 2013

Editor: The Octagon, you have scored another first! Not only are you first for launching Carnival 2013, but you come first when it comes to inconsideration! I do not know who is/are the owners of the entertainment place, located on the Diamond Industrial Estate, called The Octagon.{{more}}

There are times when one has to tolerate the noise that is being played in the vans; but this, though bad, often doesn’t last for more than an hour. Last Saturday night, at about 10:30, I began to hear “music” coming from that place that is just a few hundred metres from where I am living. I knew that it was going to be another long night for me, but I was hoping beyond hope that I would be spared from insomnia this time. I was able to eventually fall asleep after 11 p.m.

I was able to stay asleep until about 3:45 Sunday morning, before nature asked me to visit the washroom. Unfortunately for me, The Octagon was still in operation. I tolerated them until I eventually decided to get off the bed and find something to do, which I thought would help to take my mind off this onslaught from this entertainment spot.

I had serious thoughts about calling the police, but the last time I called the Stubbs Police Station, sometime in March, I was promised that they would “look into it.” That night I was not so lucky to find that Officer on duty who helps. I was made to look like a fool, waiting for them to “look into it.” (I remember the rank and name given by the officer, but prefer not to give them). Because they have not looked into it as yet, I had to tolerate The Octagon. It was not until 5:05 Sunday morning, that the “music” finally stopped!

I am not too sure, but I know that when churches decide to have crusades, intended to make our country a safer place to live, that they are told to make sure that their systems are shut off by 2 a.m. Does this same law apply to places that provide entertainment? If so, then why is there no compliance from these places? Or, better, do they know the laws regarding the hours when they are allowed to have their “music” played at a certain level of decibels?

I would like to see us having people who are more considerate of each other, because it is not everyone who can tolerate certain levels of noise; to make matters worse, making noise at such levels for this continuous period of time. There are some people who have to go to work early the next day, and surely need to be rested to be able to perform to the best of their ability. I would also like to know that the police do not take us for granted, for they are being paid for that purpose – for the peace and safety of the community. I would also like for music to be played at an acceptable level, so that we do not make a nation of deaf people.

We love you, Octagon, but show us that you love us too. You are not a world unto yourself. Have some consideration! Thank you.

Susan Wilson