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Parents, guardians, stop being so slack!


Tue May 7, 2013

Editor: Parents, guardians, look at yourselves and ask: Who really am I? Am I the one in control of my home, or is it my children?

If you really are in control, both mother and father, then congrats to you. However, if your children are in control, then it’s time to say: “Enough of this utter nonsense! Let me take back my God-given authority and exercise it!” Parents and guardians, why do some of you allow your children to be equal to you in authority, or worse yet, be above you? Why do you give them so much freedom, doing whatever they want? Why must a primary school child be allowed to be on the street, or with bad companions, at any hour of the day, instead of being at home learning to read well or doing some other worthwhile activity? Why must your child return to school the next day without his/her homework properly done?{{more}}

Parents, guardians, LISTEN. Listen to what I’m saying. Do the self-examination. Also, please DO this: set a time when your child must perform a specific task and BE THERE with him/her. The task may be helping your child to learn to read, to do math, language arts or any other subject. For example, you may say: “Alan, it’s five, o clock. Now is the time to get your reading book. You are going to read chapter four. Any word that you do not know, use phonics, or break it up into syllables to help you recognise it.” DO NOT accept any excuse from Alan. Make him/her do as you say immediately. You, as the parent or guardian, must sit with the child and see that he/she reads. Leaving the child on his/her own may accomplish little or nothing. Staying with the child and helping is a way of telling the child that you truly love him/her, that you sincerely care. So, ask yourselves: Do I really love my child? Do I want him/her to do well in school? Or do I hate my child by giving him/her too much freedom?

Parents, guardians, stop being slack. Tighten up! Don’t be afraid of ANY of your children. Take control, you rule the home. Parents are parents, NOT children. Children are children, NOT parents. Parents, guardians, if you cannot help with the school work, arrange for someone in the community to help your child. I beg you again: parents, guardians, LISTEN and DO what is mentioned above. STOP BEING SLACK! TIGHTEN UP! You will NEVER ever regret it! Note: any parent or guardian who reads this article, please explain the article to any parent or guardian who cannot read and encourage them to do what it says. Thank you.