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Come on LIME, this is utterly ridiculous!


Fri Apr 19, 2013

Editor: It’s too much now! It is enough! Utterly ridiculous! Really, is it fair for us to be paying LIME our Internet bills each month and not getting proper service in North Leeward? Too many times we are without telephone and Internet services. {{more}}Some schools, primary and secondary, are also suffering from a lack of good Internet service in North Leeward. Teachers are complaining.

Why is this the case? People with Karib Cable Internet are telling us that they are hardly ever out of service. Karib Cable appears to be doing well in North Leeward and I believe elsewhere as well. LIME, you have been here long before Karib Cable. Please, step up your Internet and telephone services in North Leeward. It’s too long now! Please improve! We are fed up!