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Bet You Didn’t Know [7]


Fri Apr 12, 2013

Editor: “In spite of law and gospel, despite statues which thralled him and opportunities which jeered at him, he made himself by trampling on the law and breaking through the thick darkness that encompassed him. There is no sadder commentary on American slavery than the life of Frederick Douglass. He put it under his feet and stood in majesty of his intellect, but how many intellects as brilliant and as powerful it stamped upon and crushed, no mortal can tell until the secrets of its terrible despotism are fully revealed.{{more}} Thanks to the conquering might of American freemen, such sad beginnings of such illustrious lives as that of Frederick Douglass are no longer possible, and that they are no longer possible is largely due to him who, when his lips were unlocked became a deliverer of his people…Eloquent as was that voice, his life in its pathos and its grandeur, was more eloquent still, and where shall be found, in the annals of humanity, a sweeter rendering of poetic justice than that he, who passed through such vicissitudes of degradation and exaltation, has been permitted to behold the redemption of his race?” [Rochester Democrat Chronicle editorial, June 28, 1879.]

Clearly, the Rochester Democrat Chronicle could not imagine that a people redeemed from “sad beginnings” would in less than a hundred years [1968] buy into and support a party which identifies with “no beginnings” – the scourge of abortion. Could we today ask “How many Frederick Douglasses, Booker T. Washingtons, Marcus Garveys and Barack Obamas have we ‘washed down the drain’?” One wonders if the Democrat Chronicle would consider dependency on government handouts – welfare, an out of wedlock birthrate of eighty [80] per cent, black and black killings of seventy-five [75] per cent, affirmative action – the “bigotry of low expectations” – where, for example, persons taking a police entrance exam are scored according to race – white 80 per cent blacks 65, and a vociferous advocate – Barack Obama – of perverted sex “the redemption of his [Douglass’] race”?

Biblical Homophobes

This series was prompted because of the apparent ignorance of not just blacks in St Vincent and the US, but generations of whites as well. I knew that some persons would find the series educational, but I also knew that there would be those who are nothing but members of a pack – whose herd instinct does not allow any form of thinking – who would resort to name calling and who, like the proverbial parrot, would merely repeat words of indoctrination. Here are two examples: I read once more your efforts to deceive the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the world that the Republican party of the past is the same party of today.

In other words you seem to know better than the American people who voted in 2012.

I laughed hard after reading your piece in the Searchlight of Feb 15th. You brought up my response to Romney’s deception and disrespect for the American electorate. I have watched 9 presidential campaigns in my 32 years of living in this great country and Willard “Mitt” Romney is easily the biggest liar ever. If you do not believe that, sir you have lost your mind [email 02 24 13]. Another email declared: Homophobe!

There is a typical example of a regurgitating parrot. Phobia is a fear of something. Who the hell is afraid of a bunch of perverts who cannot differentiate between a sex organ and their love for the anal canal whose natural use is to extrude flatulence and to defecate – in love with repulsive smells or perhaps members of a scatological society? How could anyone who grew up with a Bible in hand label anyone a homophobe? Were the writers of the Bible also homophobes? And me, I have “lost my mind”? Sad. Could we find a bigger liar – and sacrilegious to boot – who goes into a church, steps into the pulpit and tells us he was conceived three years after he was born [Barack Obama, Brown Chapel AME, Salem, Alabama, March 4, 2007 (full text available)].

Romney and Eustace

Unlike those with their herd instincts, who can find no fault with any democrat, I was not an enthusiastic or blind supporter of Mitt Romney [I support political philosophy, not individuals]. In fact, I have a piece written about Romney since January 2011 in which I label him as a Republican/Conservative a Fraud, but I believe Romney [like I used to believe about Eustace] if he were elected would do a better job of managing the economy. For example, what would Romney have done about the off-shore sector that was targeted by Obama in his first year? What would Romney policy have been on the Keystone pipeline? Or off-shore drilling, coal and natural gas? What impact would lower fuel cost have on SVG? But because Romney was seen as not even as conservative as flimsy McCain [Romney got three million votes less] he lost the election. Romney, like Eustace, was unconvincing, because he has no core beliefs. What is Eustace’s view on the Argyle airport?

Bull Connor

On March 15, while looking at Fox News, I got confirmation that not just blacks, but huge numbers of whites “didn’t know”: …It is no surprise that Scott [Senator] and West [former Congressman] are Republicans, the Democrats have a past. Someone I work with, who lectures me on race every day, once called me “Bull” [Theophilus Eugene] Connor, the Birmingham, Al. Commissioner of Public Safety who used fire hoses and attack dogs on Blacks [including children] in 1965. My pal left out that this thug was a Democrat – it did not fit the story. A lot of things are being left out – Democrats supported slavery and opposed amendments to wipe it out. Opposed legislation that give Blacks the right to vote; they were pro-segregationist and supported segregationist candidates; created Jim Crow laws and elected Klansman Robert Byrd as top senator. Of course, the media rarely ever brings up that Republicans helped pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act. So how do the Democrats help Blacks now? Illegitimacy is around 70 per cent; those Democratic programs have caused more damage than Katrina and Sandy combined, yet nearly all Blacks voters go Democrat. This is why guys like Scott and West must fight the liberal lying media and remind Black America of the abusive relationship they have endured for so long – they may not be in the back of the bus – they are under the bus… I confess, I DID NOT KNOW who Connor was – I looked it up. I said wow, he was a Democrat [Greg Gutfield, Five on Fox].

A few weeks ago, Mr Wendell Glasgow, commenting on the selection of the new Pope said “Based on the history of the Catholic Church and slavery, I do not know why any Black would be a Catholic.”

Search as I have, except for the priest, Bartolome de las Casas – Apostle to the Indians – who suggested that “Negroes as slaves were a more hardy people”, but was in fact against all slavery, I can find no evidence of Catholics condoning slavery. But by Mr Glasgow’s logic, how can any Black person support the Democrat party? The education will continue.

Frank E. da Silva