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People afraid to speak on politics


Tue Apr 9, 2013

Editor: Ninety-nine per cent of Vincentians are afraid to speak on political issues in this country. When one can read the newspaper, it’s more or less one person who writes. The question we have to ask ourselves is why.{{more}}

Most Vincentians are able to speak and write; our Prime Minister should take credit, when back in 2001 he encouraged Vincentians to let their voices be heard, but all of a sudden that changed. The question is why.

I’m fortunate to hold a morning programme on Cross Country Radio Station 104. F.M. I invite both persons from the ULP (Unity Labour Party) and persons from the NDP (New Democratic Party) because I think there are issues each side should speak about.

Lately I’ve noticed members of the ULP are refusing to appear on the programme — persons such as Minister [Saboto] Caesar, Senator [David] Brown, Dr [Jerrol] Thompson, Hans King and Elvis Charles. When asked why they are refusing to attend, some refuse to respond and some say “Permission is needed from the Prime Minister”.

I am surprised. I am surprised because I think these members can speak on authority, but it’s clear the Prime Minister doesn’t think the same.

If what is being said to me is true, it only means when the Prime Minister speaks, he speaks for all members of the ULP. It is being said that the Prime Minister micro manages. I heard the Prime Minister back in 2001 stating that the ULP promises transparency, but all of a sudden, asking questions is a problem for the Unity Labour Party.

You ask about the airport, he says you’re anti-airport. You ask about the financial matters and there is no answer; the Prime Minister says 2 Kool Chris is only a DJ.

You ask about the fight on crime, the Commissioner says leave crime fighting to the police. But I’ll tell the Commissioner one thing, the community has to help. You ask about housing, but Morris Slater is no longer with us, so answers are difficult to get. You ask about the fixing of the roads, Minister Francis say there isn’t any money. You ask Luke about NIS and financial matters, he says he’s afraid to speak about financial matters any more. You ask about foreign policies, Minister Slater says look to the direction the Argyle international airport is being built and you’ll find the answer.

That’s the Unity Labour Party for you; just imagine if there was no transparency.

Kingsley Defreitas